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Sep 13, 2012

Reasons for Outsourcing Are Nearly Universal; Reasons for Choosing LSPs Are Not So Universal

“Lower costs” and “increased flexibility” continue to be the top reasons why companies outsource....More
Aug 22, 2012

Going for the Supply Chain Gold Medal: Inspiration from the Summer Olympics

The spectacular 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London are over. Although the excitement is dying down, it’s great to reflect back on the US....More
Aug 15, 2012

Online Stores: Don’t Settle for 'Good Enough'

Anyone who has looked at their Twitter stream as of late will tell you how difficult it is to keep up with the latest and greatest. If I tried....More
Aug 08, 2012

Defining Sustainability in the Supply Chain

There are almost as many definitions of “sustainability” as there are shades of green. One thing that energy and supply chain experts....More
Jun 07, 2012

Mobile Devices Amp Up Efficiency in the Warehouse

How many mobile devices do you use personally? How many do you have that help enhance your life professionally? With smartphones, tablets and other....More
May 04, 2012

Cycle Counting Beats Physical Inventory Count, Hands Down

For those of you who still shut down your facility once or twice a year to review inventory, I have to ask why. With cycle counting, there is no need....More
Apr 10, 2012

Inventory or Customer Demand: Which One Is Guiding Your Supply Chain?

As a friend of mine recently quipped, "This process allows your customers to do the talking and your inventory to do the walking." She was referring....More
Apr 04, 2012

Top 10 Performance Indicators for Sustainable Companies

My initial intent here was to do some research and identify just a few top performance indicators that signify how "green" an operation is - four or....More
Dec 23, 2011

Banish Forecasting Errors, Overstocks and High Logistics Costs

At this very moment in your supply chain, what is the current demand for any given product? It seems like you would need a magic wand to answer this....More
Dec 15, 2011

Procurement Moves from Tactical to Strategic

Procurement certainly has come a long way. The simple definition of "procure" that everyone knows is "to obtain, buy or acquire." A more complicated....More
Nov 11, 2011

Happy Peak Season: May Your SKUs Be On Target

It happens every year the holidays have once again crept up on us and are now right around the corner. For a lot of companies, this means revving up....More
Nov 02, 2011

Chinese Consumers Crave 'Affordable Luxury' in Apparel & Accessories

With China currently boasting the #1 apparel and #2 accessory markets in the world, there's no doubt that the fashion industry there is enjoying an....More
Sep 27, 2011

Acquisition Success Thrives on Supply Chain Integration: Focus on It from the Start & Avoid Uncomfortable Phone Calls Later

It happens to me almost every week. I get a call from a firm (private equity or a company that makes and ships products) explaining that they did a....More
Aug 31, 2011

How to Become Intimate With Your Supply Chain

Do you have "supply chain intimacy"? If not, do you want it, and how do you get it? Or, even more basic, what exactly is it? Let me help: Supply....More
Aug 26, 2011

This Quiz May Surprise You & Your Global Supply Chain

I like challenging quizzes that reveal surprising facts. Not only can you learn valuable information this way, but you also have something to impress....More
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