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Manufacturing Roundups

What's NEXT in Manufacturing

One thing is clear to us from our experience with manufacturing CEOs: manufacturers need to develop and execute strategies to seize on technological innovations if they want to continue to succeed.  The future of making things is one of those innovative strategies they need to grasp onto. The future of making things has 3 major elements in the story: 1. Disruptive trends 2. Changes in processes and innovations 3. embrace the changes and innovative technologies like cloud, mobile & social. Discover key elements of what the future holds for what is NEXT in manufacturing. Read Now!


Find Innovation with End-to-End Visibility

What does the future hold for manufacturing technology? More consumer devices, certainly, more automation, more wearables, more of everything connected to the industrial Internet of Things. Spend some time uncovering a more efficient future with end-to-end visibility. Read Now!


How to Bulletproof Application Downtime & Maximize Availability

Determining the total of hard and soft downtime costs is not easy, which is why it’s often not done well if at all. Highly integrated systems can push the effects of downtime on the production line to administrative functions upstream and down, into the supplier pipeline, to customer order fulfillment and product delivery. Downtime can invoke financial penalties if contract conditions are breached, or if regulatory requirements are violated. Customer relationships get damaged and reputations tarnished. With Competitive and economic pressure bearing down, no manufacturer can afford to risk its business to downtime. And you do not have to! Read Now!


Manufacturing in the Cloud

While the basics for manufacturing industry success are a constant—minimize costs, maximize flexibility, and keep your systems current—it's increasingly important to be able to adapt to rapid shifts in business and technology. To ensure that your ERP project is not seen as a one-off project, but the beginning of an ongoing improvement program Read this ebook now!


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