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Manufacturing Roundups

Collaborative Decision Environments that Engage Your Workforce

Companies operating in command-and-control mode pay a few people to think and pay everybody else to carry out orders. Ideas and information get stuck in silos, and we lose opportunities to develop better ideas, make better decisions, manufacture better products and create new markets.Learn more about collaboration and how to maximize your employee ROI. Read Now!


Plant of the Future

Manufacturers will face in the next 5 years a period of the "most transformative, most disruptive" change in recent memory. This transformation will be fueled by massive changes in demographics, IT systems and factory automation. Manufacturers are experiencing two key challenges in the behavior of consumers. Mass customization presents manufacturers with the need to move from the old Henry Ford concept of "one size fits all" manufacturing to offer personalized products. At the same time consumers want instant gratification. Discover what the plant of the future will be like and how to prepare now. Read Now!



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