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Manufacturing Roundups

3D Printing: Transforming the Industrial World

For manufacturers, the disruptive implications of 3D printing are massive. Evangelists envision that manufacturers can slash lead times and net huge cost savings in materials, labor and transportation. The global supply chain shrinks, and R&D cycles hit warp speed across collaborative design networks. Learn about how 3D Printing is transforming the Industrial World. Read Now!


ERP- Going Mobile to Work Where You Do
Manufacturing's evolving workforce has introduced both challenges and opportunities to the manufacturing industry. With the increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, manufacturers are seeking ways to leverage their newly-connected workers to enhance the impact of the enterprise network and adapt to the needs of its employees and customers. Download this free ebook now to learn how deploying mobile collaboration technologies adds unparalleled value. Read Now!


Current white papers

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      Whitepaper: Resetting the Client Loyalty Equation

      Professional service firms must strike the right balance between meeting client expectations and going the extra mile....More
    • White Paper

      2015 Study: Innovations in Plant Communications

      THE RESULTS ARE IN! SEE HOW YOUR PLANT COMMUNICATIONS COMPARE. Uncover the six key trends that are transforming plant communications in Motorola's 2015 Nationwide Manufacturing Survey and get your complementary report here!...More
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      What Everyone Needs to Know About Virtualization

      Virtualization technology is being widely applied today with excellent operational and financial results. It's become a matter of course for most businesses to work with some aspect of virtualization. Virtualization for Dummies provides you with a brief introduction to the subject, discusses cloud technology, and helps you understand the various options regarding availability...More
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      Managing Export Risk: A Quick Reference Guide

      The FREE guide, A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters, developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and provided to you by EXIM, delivers an easy to understand overview of the financial tools available to U.S. exporters and where to access them....More
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      LABOV Brand Re-Engineering: The Wake-Up Call Your Brand Needs

      LABOV has worked with many long-standing, highly respected manufacturers whose brand signal has become lost or weak, and they’re in danger of losing their position in the industry to competitors. It is a real challenge that companies face today, which is why LABOV developed their Brand Re-Engineering process that has helped many manufacturing clients revitalize their brands and strengthen their market share....More
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      Manufacturing Connectivity and Data Integration

      Today’s manufacturers can take advantage of a new era of connectivity promising greater productivity, improved utilization of assets, and better decision-making...More
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      Why CFOs Choose mcaConnect and Microsoft Dynamics AX

      Successful CFOs leverage technology and business transformation to mine hidden profits and power bottom line results. In today’s business environment, the only constant is change. The approaches that worked in the past are inadequate to carry a company into a viable future. To survive and thrive, companies need to be agile. They require technology solutions that are not just better and faster, but also have been built and architected with the future in mind....More
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      Essentials of the Connected Enterprise

      Today’s production systems already throw off data at an unprecedented rate. But the sheer volume of data—coming as it does from isolated, disparate sources...More
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      Unlocking the Promise of Demand Sensing and Shaping Through Big Data Analytics

      At the core of demand and supply alignment is an organization’s ability to acquire, interpret and use data that improves a decision maker’s vantage point and that supports profitability and growth. Find out how to apply high-performance analytics in your supply-chain....More
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      See the Possibilities with Data Visualization

      Quickly Visualize Data on Mobile Devices and the Web Today, all organizations – regardless of their size – are inundated with data. It pours in from every conceivable direction: from operational and transactional systems, from scanning and facilities management systems, from inbound and outbound customer contact points, from mobile media and the Web. It is structured and unstructured; it is messy and overwhelming, flowing in at greater speeds than ever....More
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      Key Considerations for Operationalizing the Connected Industrial Enterprise

      How do you move from discussing and theorizing your connected enterprise to rationalizing and operationalizing it? Many factors need to be considered as you journey from concept to completion....More
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      Stepping Up: How the CFOs of professional service firms are moving beyond traditional finance roles to support business strategy, execution and growth.

      This IndustryWeek management briefing examines how a growing number of CFOs and finance departments are taking business partnership roles in professional service firms....More
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      Network and Security Services Because Infrastructure Matters

      Manufacturing Convergence – merging IT and manufacturing systems – has created the need for existence and interoperability between what were traditionally separate functions and systems...More
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      Physical Security Helps IT and OT Managers Improve Productivity and OEE

      Unlike the security methods of old that rely on isolation, a properly designed physical security platform unleashes the value of the Internet of Things in aggregating information from people, processes, data and things...More
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      Optimization of Process Integration

      Optimization of process integration (OPI™) enables a unified communication solution comprising standard unmodified Ethernet and Internet technologies that use EtherNet/IP in combination...More
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      Wireless Design Considerations for Industrial Applications

      Wireless communication in the industrial market has been practiced for many years, often targeted at point-to-point data transfer for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) purposes...More
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      Are You Ready to Migrate Your Control Platform?

      Several years ago, the ARC Advisory Group published a white paper, "Automation System Migration for Increased Manufacturing Productivity." At that time, it was estimated that more than $65 billion worth...More
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      Plugged In: The Brave New World of Customer-Centric Manufacturing

      Find out how successful companies like Nike, Apple, Boeing and Coca-Cola are infusing analytics into their marketing to better engage customers throughout the buying life cycle....More
    • White Paper

      The Connected Industrial Enterprise

      Learn how unlocking data can enable you to build a connected enterprise, vital to the future of manufacturing...More
    • White Paper

      Manufacturing Velocity: Positioning Your Auto Manufacturing Operations to Keep Pace With Market Demands

      There’s no slowing down in the automotive industry. A customer base with a range of differing priorities for new-vehicle purchases – including safety, fuel efficiency, performance, design and options – means you’re producing more vehicles in more variations than ever while also undergoing more frequent design refreshes....More
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