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Mar 28, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything: Lean Leadership, IW Best Plants and a Request

Have you downloaded the 2014 IW Best Plants competition application? Visited our Ask the Expert: Lean Leadership feature? Read the latest column from....More
Dec 18, 2013

At Alcatraz: A Visual Signal You Shouldn't Ignore

Took my first trip to Alcatraz Island a week ago, and what did I see but a very well-placed visual signal....More
Dec 03, 2013

New Feature. . .Ask the Experts: Lean Leadership

Ask the Experts: Lean Leadership provides you – our IndustryWeek community – an opportunity to pose your questions on lean leadership....More
labor & operations leadership
Sep 11, 2013

I Must Create Standard Work...and Other Stuff

I have fallen off the blogging wagon but am now climbing back on. Maybe creating some standard work around this endeavor will help, so I am going....More
Apr 25, 2013

What You May Have Missed from the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference

If you missed the 2013 IndustryWeek Best Plants conference, you missed a lot. Fortunately, we are working on articles, video and photos to tell the....More
Jill Jusko's Labor & Operations Leadership Blog
Apr 04, 2013

Have I Mentioned The IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards Program?

Have I mentioned the 2013 IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards competition? It's IndustryWeek's annual salute to North American manufacturing excellence,....More
Mar 04, 2013

A Little Operations This and Workforce That

This and that from workforce and operations journeys... Mistake-proofing Required: Wish I could get inside this plant and find out how such an....More
Jan 23, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself

I have been reluctant to start my blog without having a blockbuster of a first post. I've finally realized that waiting to have the "....More
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This would be valid if only colleagues could interact. I have seen many workplaces in large organizations where only management can interact. All infomation must flow through managers. To make it worse the work layout does not support interactions. ... If you want the benefits of co-location you have to have the right management structure and the right physical structure!!!

on Feb. 26, 2013
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