Paul Myerson

Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management, Lehigh University

Paul Myerson is Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management at Lehigh University. He is the author of a Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management (McGraw-Hill, 2012), developer of a Windows-based supply chain planning software (, and co-author of a lean supply chain and logistics management simulation training game by ENNA (

Posts by Paul Myerson

in The Lean Supply Chain Jan 05, 2015

New Year, New Strategy?

In today’s era, efficiency alone no longer wins by itself. Supply chain executives need to refocus their sights from cost-cutting and process....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Dec 05, 2014

Winter Weather Waste

As we approach the winter season, we need to try our best to “weather proof” our Supply Chain. In general, it is a good idea to make sure....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Nov 05, 2014

Supply Chain Technology: Haste Makes “Waste”

It’s not always easy to separate winners from losers ahead of time. This is especially true when deciding on supply chain technology. When it....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Oct 03, 2014

The Global Supply Chain is Fraught with Risk… Now "Picture" That!

It sure seems like there is a lot more risk involved in operating in today’s global environment, such as exposure to natural disasters,....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Aug 29, 2014

Mass Customization…A Lean and Agile Supply Chain Required

When we think of becoming Lean, in many ways, the ultimate process strategy to accomplish this is what is known as “Mass Customization”....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Aug 04, 2014

The Customer Is Always Right (but maybe not so efficient)

A recent visit to several auto repair shops for an estimate reminded me as to how important good customer service is for both the customer and the....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Jul 02, 2014

Plan and Deliver

Having had many years of experience in forecasting for companies such as Unilever and Arm & Hammer as well as consulting and training with many....More
in The Lean Supply Chain Jun 03, 2014

Lean Retail: It's not Just for the Big Boys Anymore

While this might seem like a shameless plug for my new book from McGraw-Hill entitled “Lean Retail and Wholesale” (…and it is!), I....More
in The Lean Supply Chain May 01, 2014

You Have to Define it Before You Can Refine it.

I talk a lot about the “Lean” Supply Chain in this blog, but I think it would go a long way to first get a universal definition and....More

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