Cloud Computing

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    How Smart, Connected Manufacturers Run Their Business

    Manufacturing is evolving right before our eyes. It’s being spurred by the need for better automation, visibility, and collaboration. See what smart, connected manufacturers do differently to run their business and how it has positioned them as leaders in today’s economy....More
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    The State of Manufacturing Technology 2016

    From wearables to business intelligence applications, technology can transform manufacturing, impacting everything from plant floor productivity to product quality and top-line growth. Where do you start? More importantly, how do you separate vendor hype from the practical, useful tools that can make your business better today? Each year, we survey hundreds of manufacturers to understand how and where they use technology to run their business operations....More
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    New Year’s Resolution for Manufacturers in 2017

    As the manufacturing industry looks ahead to the coming year, some familiar New Year’s resolutions are likely on the table: lower costs, focus on new IT initiatives, increase data access, improve connectedness, create visibility....More
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