Back in 1994, FT Precision Inc., a Japanese-parented, Ohio-based automotive component supplier began with a small workforce and a focus on delivering quality precision products on time and profitably. Like many startup manufacturers, FT Precision’s intense focus on product excellence meant some other processes – like inventory — were completed via paper and manual processes.

Some 20 years later, FT Precision’s growing employee base manufactures more than 300 part numbers. But as they expanded and their reputation for quality and lean manufacturing turned into industry leadership, the company soon realized that they could no longer rely on paper manual processes to keep things on track.

FT Precision needed immediate access to inventory data, which led them to evaluate online inventory management solutions. After reviewing their options and realizing that ERP solutions can provide more than inventory management, FT Precision brought in implementation partner Plante Moran to design and successfully implement a software solution. The solution would have to work on their plant floor and throughout the operation to help them continue with a growth strategy. FT Precision’s choice: a cloud ERP software solution that can be accessed any time, from any Web-based device.

“The real-time nature of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, with the cross company visibility it gives everyone, is just the start," explains Kent Baxter, IT Assistant Manager at FT Precision. “All the modules are integrated so that whenever a process occurs on the shop floor, if it has a commercial impact, our finance system is updated accordingly. It’s so simple and fast.”

Moving to cloud ERP has enabled FT Precision to continue their expansion plans and they now employ more than 400 people and operate 100 manufacturing centers. In addition, they’ve reduced the time and energy devoted to inventory and management, and at the same time achieved better visibility and financial controls.

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