According to the Reshoring Initiative, in 2003 about 140,000 jobs were lost to offshoring. In 2014, for the first time in two decades, the U.S. realized a net gain of 10,000 reshored jobs.

The vast majority of those jobs have returned from Asia, primarily China, though a significant number have returned from Mexico and other countries, writes Rich Regole, CEO of Accurate Forming,

States that are the biggest winners thus far in terms of job increases are:

  • South Carolina – 7,780
  • Michigan – 6,721
  • California – 6,014
  • Kentucky – 4,612
  • Texas – 3,712

Part of the reshoring picture, pointed out by Cutting Tool Engineering, is that increasing foreign labor costs and better automation in the U.S. , is bringing back jobs. In fact manufacturing has brought back more jobs than any other industry in the past five years. 

The following infographic, which was originally posted on Cutting Tool Engineering,  explores more a variety of aspects of reshoring.