Today, success can be defined by an ability to adapt to change—not once a year, but as it happens. It is advisable to look at your business constantly, on a monthly or perhaps daily basis, and identify what is necessary to support transformation. Spurred by the “New Style of IT” and a growing need to address trends like cloud, Big Data, social media and mobile, this can mean profound changes to the way you use and invest in IT. Operating in today’s environment will require discipline and a radically different approach compared to how you may have done things in the past.

This can be challenging. But change is not easy and it takes self-control, commitment and consistency to see it through. And while you will certainly have your own list of what’s important for your business, understanding what others are doing or thinking can often help you see the forest for the trees. What follows are my top three IT investment priorities for 2014.

Take a New Approach

Let’s face it, your ability to manage the multiple technology investments needed for transition can be a daunting prospect. You need to simultaneously support existing environments and deliver against increasing demands for cloud, mobility, Big Data and security. Getting to the New Style of IT will require a new approach to IT investments, one that gives you the flexibility to adapt and scale to changing business or customer needs on short notice. The traditional “develop, build and run” mentality to IT is no longer sufficient.

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Your IT investment strategy will need to:

  • Respond to your business priorities as they happen.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies beyond what has been implemented already.
  • Drive to new procedures and policies to reflect reality of the New Style of IT.

Tip: Revisit your approach to IT investments to see how you can more effectively and quickly drive the change under way. Done right, it can help you support transformation and deliver on business goals.