Manufacturers across the country are issuing a collective rallying cry for the future of manufacturing.

They are opening their doors to the community in an effort to inform, engage and excite the public about industry in hopes of attracting a new generation of manufacturing workers.

Here the IndustryWeek staff takes you inside the walls of the those factories celebrating Manufacturing Day.

SparkFun Electronics

The Boulder, Colo.-based electronics components supplier in this video celebrates the high-tech turn manufacturing has taken and shows how robots and laborers work together harmoniously.

Camstar Systems

The Charlotte, N.C.-based enterprise manufacturing software provider's employees are fired up about manufacturing.

CinCom Systems

Greg Knox, president of Knox Machinery, Franklin, Ohio-based machine distributor, makes a case for manufacturing and why it should be a viable option for today's youth.

The video was created by CinCom Systems, a Cincinnati-based software provider.