The Link Between Site Excellence Plans & Performance Management Teams: presentation by Adam Baldauf, Lockheed Martin


During this presentation recorded at the 2012 IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference (, 2011 IW Best Plants winner Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control, Lufkin Operations, shares how it develops the goals and objectives of its annual Site Excellence Plan, as well as the role Performance Management Teams play in carrying out those goals and objectives. Learn how the annual plan is developed and broken down into projects, kaizens and "just do its." And discover how key Lockheed Martin's Lean Six Sigma system is to making excellence occur.

  • Learn how Lockheed Martin's site excellence plan provides a framework for focusing on the right things.
  • Discover why Performance Management Teams are integral to making the site excellence plan succeed.
  • Improve your understanding of Lean Six Sigma deployed in a facility that has both assembly-line and job-shop aspects.

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