SME, which is a national organization that supports the manufacturing industry, is playing a key role in the new Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovative Institute that was announced earlier this week.  

Dean L. Bartles, SME vice president, who is currently vice president  of General Dynamics, will take on the role of executive director at Digital Labs.

"To be competitive in a global economy, it is essential for manufacturing workers to keep up with and be educated on technological advances,” advises Jeannine Kunz, managing director of Workforce and Education, SME. “A well-trained employee will understand and leverage new technology, leading to increased innovation and productivity.

"As the new Digital Lab for Manufacturing develops and commercializes technology, SME and its members will build the complete set of competencies and curriculum for these digital technologies; and SME has the expertise to train workers for these complex advanced manufacturing jobs.”

The organization will support the lab through a variety of methods including, industry-wide certifications, training courses or content development that is tailored to the project’s specific needs.