Research Predicts Boom Times For Optoelectronics Market

Compiled By Deborah Austin The optoelectronics market -- which derives from the fiber-optics industry -- is the hub of telecommunications market growth and will expand greatly in the next half-decade, says new strategic research by Frost & Sullivan. The report -- North American Optoelectronics Markets -- forecasts revenues of $10.11 billion in 2006; 1999 revenues totaled $1.97 billion. It identifies four industry segments: light emitting diodes (LEDs), photodetectors, laser diodes, and optocouplers. The first three are the fastest-growing segments. While laser diodes have replaced LEDs as primary light sources in the fiber-optic communications market, introduction of blue and green LEDs has greatly expanded LED applications' scope for automotive, video displays, signage, and traffic signals, notes Frost & Sullivan. Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) as a low-cost light source will translate into rapid growth for laser diodes. Demand for these new technologies is soaring, with manufacturers struggling to meet it as lead times for key components increase, says the report. Frost & Sullivan, headquartered in San Jose, provides strategic market consulting and training.

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