Survey Reveals Quirks Of Business Travelers: Limos, Showers, VIP Lounge

You'll find American business travelers sitting bumper-to-bumper in airport traffic, playing computer games on their laptops. Japanese travelers, not concerned about status, often take public transportation to the airport. These international travel quirks are revealed in OAG Worldwide's Business Travel Lifestyle Survey 1998. Others:

  • Australians have drinks in the VIP lounge; they'll want extra legroom on their flight, and a shower in the VIP lounge where they land.
  • Hong Kong business travelers are the most likely to be young, female, and use corporate limos.
  • An Italian traveler typically is male, a manufacturing firm representative, and fanatical about a convenient schedule.
  • Singaporeans often use hotel e-mail facilities, secretarial services, and 24-hour room service -- and they're the most safety conscious group of all. But French travelers are relatively indifferent to airplane safety, flight punctuality -- even the quality of the airline meals. OAG Worldwide is an independent provider of travel information products and services.
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