Survey: U.S. Voters Give A Thumbs Down To Internet Taxes

U.S. voters don't want to see new rules for e-taxes -- even if it means state and local governments might lose tax revenues as a result -- shows a recent public opinion poll for the Information Technology Assn. of America (ITAA). Forty-eight percent of voters favor treating Internet purchases with the same tax policies that currently apply to direct-mail purchases, and oppose creating new tax collection rules for Internet purchases, shows the poll -- vs 37% who favor creating the new rules. Thirty-four percent say they'd be less inclined to make purchases either by mail order, online -- or both -- if current rules were to change and Internet and mail order firms were required to collect special sales taxes on purchases. And 44% of voters say they'll be less likely next year to vote for a candidate who supports new Internet taxes, vs 26% who say they'll be more likely to vote for the candidate.

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