Survey: Women M.B.A.s In IT Most Satisfied

Compiled By Eric J. Merfalen According to a recent survey of M.B.A. information technology (IT) graduates conducted by New York-based Catalyst, a higher percentage of women were satisfied with their current positions than men (91% to 88%). The study, "M.B.A. Grads in Info Tech: Women and Men in the Information Technology Industry", also found that women M.B.A.s in other industries (84%) were not as satisfied as women in IT positions (91%). Women M.B.A.s also are more optimistic in the IT field about job opportunities. Such a positive outlook stems form many factors including: visibility with top management (82%), supportive colleagues (74%), and helpful performance feedback (59%). Aside from opportunities for women in the IT industry, Catalyst feels there still are glass ceilings to crack. Catalyst has listed its Top-10 tactics for creating a work place that aims to benefit its female employees:

  1. Measure women's advancements
  2. Move women into the line
  3. Find mentors for women
  4. Create women's networks
  5. Make culture change happen
  6. Promote women
  7. Get women into nontraditional work
  8. Promote women in professional firms
  9. Support customized career planning
  10. Make flexibility work
Sheila Wellington, president of Catalyst, emphasizes that "M.B.A. grads in tech see their organizations as fertile work environments for personal development. This, coupled with the huge demand for talent, translates into opportunity for the women in this growing industry, as well as for the company seeking their talent." Catalyst is a nonprofit organization that works to advance women in business.
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