Gaining a Supply Chain Edge

This Quiz May Surprise You & Your Global Supply Chain

I like challenging quizzes that reveal surprising facts. Not only can you learn valuable information this way, but you also have something to impress folks with at parties.

Try these 20 questions on for size:

1.Which country currently enjoys the #1 consumer market for luxury goods?
2.Which country manufactures 80% of all the toys in the world?
3.Which country ranks second in the world in Fortune Global 500 companies?
4.Which country has adopted the slogan, “Go West Young Man” to promote a more equal distribution of wealth?
5.Which country will see 100 new cities in the top global 600 cities evolve over the next 15 years?
6.Which country's exports grew by 20% in the first half of 2011?
7.Which country has the fastest growing consumer market in the world?
8.Which country has the highest percentage of its GDP coming from manufacturing?
9.Which country's business leadership believes their top constraint to growth is the availability of qualified labor?
10.Which country will have the greatest exit of labor-intensive manufacturing jobs over the next decade?
11.In which country did 87% of the American business leaders say they had revenue growth in 2010?
12.In which country did 79% of the American business leaders say they were either profitable or very profitable in 2010?
13.In which country is the World Bank forecasting a 9.3% growth in GDP in 2011?
14.In which country does 12% of their GDP come from agriculture, but almost half of the population works in agriculture?
15.Which country has more pigs then the next 43 pork producing countries combined?
16.Which country's GDP now accounts for 9.5% of world’s GDP?
17.Which country's economy grew seven times as quickly as the United States' economy over the past decade?
18.Which country expects to see exports rise 12.4% in 2011, but be outpaced by a rise in imports at the rate of 13.2%?
19.Which country is the most attractive emerging market for apparel retailers?
20.Which country’s retail growth is expected to increase at the rate of 15-30% over the next five years?

Well, here is the surprise -– the answer to all 20 questions is China! The China economy is the 900-pound dragon in the room of growth. This country is no longer an emerging economy; it is an "emerged" economy.

The China economy is running on steroids, and this presents your company with the greatest growth opportunity of all time. You need to have a clear strategy not only on how to import from China and Asia, but also a strategy to achieve profitable sales of your products into China and Asia. In unison with this importing of products from Asia and selling into Asia comes the essential need to pursue excellence in your supply chain.

In fact, I am so passionate about this opportunity that I have just created a newsletter called the Asia Supply Chain Excellence Report. This complimentary resource will keep you up to date on business trends and best practices in Asia and help your company achieve supply chain excellence.
Get your organization engaged with this awesome growth opportunity.

Tompkins Assocatiates

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