Top 10 Resilient Countries

June 2, 2020
Which countries will come back strong from the global pandemic? Those that have solid business practices.

Trying to determine which world economies will recover the quickest is difficult.  One way to do that is to examine the high-ranking countries in the 2020 FM Global Resilience Index, which was announced in May.

The Index provides information on nearly 130 countries, across a variety of factors. They are divided into three categories:

 Economic -- Productivity, Political Risk, Oil Intensity, Urbanization Rate

 Risk Quality --  Exposure to Natural Hazard,  Natural Hazard Risk Quality, Fire Risk Quality,  andInherent Cyber Risk

Supply Chain Resilience -- Control of Corruption, Quality of Infrastructure,  Corporate Governance, and Supply Chain Visibility

“Especially after a crisis like COVID-19, resilience is critical for people, countries and businesses,” said Kevin Ingram, CFO of FM Global. “A country’s ranking in the 2020 FM Global Resilience Index is a good indication of how its business environment will fare and how quickly organizations there might rebound after taking the economic blow of the coronavirus."

To delve into further details on the top ten countries from this list,  this slideshow is using data from the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business rankings which have been benchmarked to May 2019. 

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