The Customer Is Still King! Improving Service to Maximize Revenue, Reduce Costs, Boost Loyalty!

Join this webinar to learn how to deliver frictionless customer service (CX) amid changes to supply chains, unpredictable buyer demand, and the adoption of automation and AI.

This webinar was originally broadcast on March 20, 2024. 

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Efficiency and cost reduction are vital to success, but taken to their extreme, they can interfere with the No. 1 priority for business – keeping your customers happy. According to a new research by Aberdeen Strategy & Research, manufacturing business leaders report customer satisfaction as their number one objective. But, how do you deliver frictionless customer service (CX) while dealing with changes to long-established supply chain, drastic & unpredictable changes in buyer demand – along with growing adoption of automation and AI. 

Join this webinar to learn: 

  • Top CX strategies driving manufacturing
  • The role of frictionless CX on key results
  • How companies use AI & automation to improve CX
  • Building blocks for best-in-class CX
  • CX success stories



Omar Minkara

VP & Principal Analyst - Contact Center & Customer Experience Management | Aberdeen Strategy & Research

In his research, Omer covers the best practices and emerging trends in the technologies and business processes used to enhance the customer experience across all channels (e.g. social, mobile, web, email and phone).

Omer’s research is widely consumed by senior-level Customer Care, Contact Center, Sales, Marketing, IT and Service executives. He has published numerous industry research papers, which are used by worldwide executives to build and nurture strategic customer engagement programs. Omer also speaks frequently with global decision makers to discuss their contact center and customer management activities.

Jalaja Repalle

Senior Director - Manufacturing Product Management | ServiceNow

Dr. Repalle is the Global Head of Manufacturing Industries Solutions at ServiceNow. With a background in supply chain and manufacturing, her career expands over several industries including heavy equipment, automotive, consumer goods, consulting, and software. Jalaja evolved her career from an Engineer to a business leader and has expertise in engineering, analytics, product, and business strategies. As a practitioner at Caterpillar, she spent her time designing construction equipment, supply chain strategies, and operations. She is passionate about helping her customers transform their business processes to drive action across the enterprise and achieve unparalleled productivity and growth.
Jalaja holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA from Northwestern University, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Wright State University.

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