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Industry Insights: The Use of Private Cellular Networks in Manufacturing

Aug. 14, 2023
Private 5G cellular networks equip manufacturers with a powerful technology, improving their operations, increasing their security and accelerating their digital transformation journey.

As manufacturers continue their digital transformation journey, the landscape has only become more complex, and technology is advancing faster than ever. Given the need for ever-increasing amounts of information to be communicated faster, with greater reliability and more securely, manufacturers are pushing the limits of traditional OT and IT communication infrastructures. However, an emergent solution — private 5G cellular networks — is playing an increasing role in accelerating digital transformation which offer several advantages over traditional wireless networks.

Without a doubt, private 5G cellular networks are a powerful technology that provides the potential to accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry. The responses included in this report offers valuable insights into how manufacturers are considering and applying private 5G cellular networks.

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