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See how 3M Enabled B2B Buyers with Trustworthy Self-Service Buying Experiences

Sept. 11, 2023
This one-pager explores the importance of enabling B2B buyers with self-service purchasing experiences that engender trust and provides insights into the steps businesses can take to meet these requirements.

In today's digital landscape, businesses must adapt to meet the needs of buyers who are increasingly relying on digital channels for their purchasing decisions. Enabling self-service purchasing experiences is as important as ensuring that buyers feel 100% confident in their purchases.

Download this one-pager to learn more about:

  • Automating a compliance-based buying process
  • Supporting partners and customers with application-based self-service purchasing
  • Reduction in order error for lifesaving equipment
  • Helping your buyers understand different SKUs, and find the right products based on usage and risk management
  • Quickening sales cycles without compromising compatibility
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