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Digital Production Tracking: How Connected Platforms with No-Code Deliver Value

Sept. 19, 2023
Manual tracking lacks the real-time visibility manufacturers need to identify root causes and remain competitive. Digital, connected production tracking is crucial for your operations to be resilient and agile. This eBook can help you get there.

When data is tracked on a whiteboard, Excel, or through disconnected systems, manufacturers struggle not only to report on day-to-day productivity but also to identify root causes for defects or bottlenecks. They get stuck reviewing last week's data to make decisions.

Download this ebook to learn how manufacturers leverage efficient production tracking using connected, app-based platforms to optimize their operations — remaining resilient and competitive in this age of consistent disruption.


  • Why digital production tracking is essential in today's manufacturing environment
  • Competitive advantages of connected app platforms over traditional systems
  • Examples of applications tracking machine, worker, and process performance
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