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The CFO and Finance Team are Skeptical About Benefit of Lean and Six Sigma - Part 2

What do you do when the CFO and finance team are skeptical about -- in fact, resistant to -- engaging in lean, Six Sigma or other operational excellence initiatives? (Part 2)...More
Apr 12, 2014

Slack in Your Company -- Forget About Lean Management and Quality Systems!

Time to improve your business performance? Think carefully how to do it....More
Apr 11, 2014

France is Catching On

Statements made by France’s new Prime Minister, Mr. Manuel Valls, about a necessary shift away from the higher taxes and increased government spending of his predecessor bode well for ITR Economics’ forecast for a better economic environment in the latter half of 2015 for the European Union....More
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Free Guide: The Quiet Revolution of Sensor Data

Manufacturers have been using sensors in their plants for years. But there's a quiet revolution starting, as companies learn how to use sensor data for boosting efficiency, improving product development, and gaining market insight. Read about the findings from a recent IndustryWeek/SAS survey of 500 manufacturers, and learn how companies are using sensors, how to become more competitive thanks to sensors, and how to deal with the influx of sensor-related data. Read the free IndustryWeek guide.

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