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The CFO and Finance Team are Skeptical About Benefit of Lean and Six Sigma - Part 2

What do you do when the CFO and finance team are skeptical about -- in fact, resistant to -- engaging in lean, Six Sigma or other operational excellence initiatives? (Part 2)...More
Apr 11, 2014

France is Catching On

Statements made by France’s new Prime Minister, Mr. Manuel Valls, about a necessary shift away from the higher taxes and increased government spending of his predecessor bode well for ITR Economics’ forecast for a better economic environment in the latter half of 2015 for the European Union....More
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Free Guide: The Quiet Revolution of Sensor Data

Manufacturers have been using sensors in their plants for years. But there's a quiet revolution starting, as companies learn how to use sensor data for boosting efficiency, improving product development, and gaining market insight. Read about the findings from a recent IndustryWeek/SAS survey of 500 manufacturers, and learn how companies are using sensors, how to become more competitive thanks to sensors, and how to deal with the influx of sensor-related data. Read the free IndustryWeek guide.

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