Becky Morgan

Fulcrum ConsultingWorks Inc.

Manufacturing businesses ranging from $100 million to $1 billion in annual sales value the advice of operations strategist Becky Morgan and her Finish Strong® thinking.

With more than 25 years consulting with manufacturers, preceded by 14 years of hands-on executive responsibilities, Morgan has contributed to the success of aerospace, food, machining, assembly, electronics, tool and die, jewelry, and process industry businesses. And more.

Morgan speaks with audiences typically ranging from 35-150 attendees.

The Only Manufacturing Skills Shortage That Matters 5
How does a manufacturing company leader solve the skills gap? By emphasizing the only capability that truly matters.
How to Join Open Innovation Now
No single organization can develop the best answers possible. The more quickly we each accept that and speed up the entrance ramp to the open innovation highway, the better our solutions become.
The Future of Manufacturing
Why we should be ready to celebrate the demise of manufacturing as we know it and revel in its bright future.
Strategic Thinking In The Face of Uncertainty
How to ensure your strategic thinking is optimized in spite of unpredictable world events.
Can Social Media Improve Profitability of Your Manufacturing Operations?
A strategy for testing whether and how social media can help improve manufacturing operations.
Should Business Transformation Be In Your Future? 2
Why you must reinvent your business--and why you must start by transforming operations.
Where is Manufacturing Really Going? 3
A rational explanation of the two divergent views of U.S. manufacturing's future.
Why Management By Objectives is an Oxymoron 4
How a popular management approach introduced by Business Guru Peter Drucker can create, conflict, contradiction, and cynicism.
Manufacturers Seek Aggressive Growth 1
Manufacturing businesses that aim for aggressive organic growth should include these four elements.
Fast, Self-Funded R&D Drives Firstbuild
How large, established corporations can create and leverage start-up culture that delivers self-sustaining innovation.
Grow Employees to Grow Your Business 1
How would you like to work for you? Take a walk in your employees shoes, and you'll understand the importance of employee engagement.
Manufacturing Mashup: 3D and the Sharing Economy
The combination of two powerful trends requires a change in strategy—and soon. Here's what to look for.
Don't Waste Time Building Consensus 1
What true leaders do.
It's Not That Hard to Be Great 5
How to lead your company to greatness.
The Dangers of Operational Averageness 3
What’s wrong with running an average, and profitable, manufacturing business?
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