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Aug 15, 2014

Innovation Case Study: 3D Printing, Kickstarter, Snowboarding And Pavement

Here's how two makers came together to develop the world's first eSnowboard in just six months by employing a modified prototyping/iteration process....More
Jun 09, 2014

Introducing: 3D Printed "Thing Of The Week" (#3DTOTW) From Thingiverse

Introducing a new weekly feature entitled "Thing of the Week" in which I will highlight one of the 3D CAD files available on the Thingiverse site....More
Feb 28, 2014

Go Beyond The Hashtag - The ROI Of 'IRL'

Despite my long-held belief in the power of online networking, there’s still no substitute for in real life (IRL) connections for learning and growth....More
Jan 13, 2014

Brand Hacking Meets Bombs And Chainsaws1

Why is social media monitoring important for manufacturers? Because if you don't monitor the social/creative web, it could literally blow up your....More
Oct 21, 2013

Forget Google Glass, Here Comes iContacts

A new product makes it possible to use eye tracking software to control a computer mouse hands-free. But will it work?....More
Feb 20, 2013

Google Talks About Glass -- I Talk About Dogs

Today's Brave New World moment: Google attempts to show what their Google Glass "heads up" smartphone/headset hybrid technology will look/feel like....More
Jan 12, 2013

Branding Lessons (Both Good & Bad) From P&G, Apple, Kelloggs, PepsiCo & More!

Some "blast from the past" eye candy from some of the most famous manufacturers and products from yesterday and today. If you work in enterprise....More
Jan 09, 2013

New Year Resolution To "Get Smarter"? Here Are 1000+ Links To Help

Looking to increase your skillset and knowledge in Computer Science and Technology, Finance and Economics, Science and Medicine, Mathematics, Social....More
Sep 04, 2012

11 Million iPhones Hacked. Was Yours One Of Them?

Hacker group AntiSec has hacked 11 million iPhones. Is yours among them?....More
Aug 11, 2012

How Have NASA Spinoff Technologies Affected YOUR Industry?

A database of NASA Spinoff technologies holds a set of amazing research papers that demonstrate the application of technologies developed for NASA's....More
Aug 05, 2012

They're Printing Guns And Drugs Now - Is Your Product Next?

3D printing will revolutioninze many manufacturing sectors -- and kill off others. With consumer and semi-pro use of 3D printers exploding, and thus....More
Jul 08, 2012

10 Hilarious False Advertising Claims

I only say hilarious because, if you realize that the majority of people might be gullible enough to believe these claims, it might make you cry. (....More
Jun 15, 2012

Shell Oil Gets Brand-Jacked

The headline reads: "Shell Oil Currently Under Assault By Social Media Pranksterism, Gone Viral". It describes the following:An "Arctic Ready" site....More
Jun 05, 2012

Forget The BRICs -- Here Come The CIVETS

Interesting story in Business Without Borders about the slowdown in growth in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the six....More
May 10, 2012

Google's Driverless Car Gets Competition From Cadillac

Two interesting pieces of news from today's spin around the internet: First, from Slate, news that Google's driverless car is getting licensed in....More
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