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Aberdeen Launches Online CRM Community

Compiled By Jill Jusko Manufacturing executives with responsibilities for customer relationship management have a new source of CRM analysis and information. Aberdeen Group, an IT market analysis firm based in Boston, has launched CRM Access, an online CRM community. The content of the site includes independent research and analysis by Aberdeen Group's customer relationship management research practice. Other tools available to visitors include the CRM 50, a quarterly ranking by Aberdeen of the top-performing CRM technology companies; Aberdeen Perspective, frequently updated analyses of CRM news and issues; Strategy Corner, a tool that delivers tactics to manage customer and partner relationships; and CRM Interview, online conversations with a variety of CRM experts, including executives, academics and practitioners. CRM professionals must register for free access to the site. Membership benefits include the opportunity to participate in quarterly end-user surveys, a free subscription to "CRM Access Weekly," an e-newsletter, and a delegate seat in Aberdeen's CRM Congress, a virtual assembly of CRM professionals and best practice leaders. "We will leverage CRM Access to survey the enterprise community, allowing site members -- known collectively as the 'CRM Congress' -- to express their opinions on CRM issues and potentially influence how CRM technology providers deliver their products and services," says Aberdeen's Denis Pombriant, vice president of CRM research.

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