After The Attacks, U.S. Managers Look Less Mobile

By John S. McClenahen The number of jobless managers and executives relocating for a new position dropped 30% in the third quarter of this year, reveals a survey from Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. Only 17% of job-seekers relocated, the lowest quarterly percentage since 1994. The percentage promises to go even lower. "In the current high-risk environment, people have to ask themselves if it is worth selling the house, removing children from school, or forcing a spouse to leave his or her job, all for an out-of-town job that could disappear in six months," states John A. Challenger, CEO of the Chicago-based outplacement firm. "We will probably see different forces pushing relocation to new lows, including the growing uncertainty and anxiety over the economy, the continued terrorist threat, and the potential for a prolonged military campaign," Challenger predicts.

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