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Agilent, Concord Unite To Build Customers

Concord Camera Corp. and Agilent Technologies Inc. have announced a strategic alliance, both focusing on their own areas of expertise while providing imaging solutions together through a single point of contact. Agilent will introduce Concord to current and potential users of Agilent technology and components, and Concord will do the same with Agilent and its own customers. Also, both will work together to develop third-party customer solutions. The two already have other alliances, the first resulting product being KB Gear Interactive Inc.'s high-resolution digital camera JamCam 3.0, unveiled this spring. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Agilent is a $8.3 billion diversified technology company, until November 1999 a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Co. It designs and makes test, measurement, and monitoring instruments and solutions, semiconductor and optical components. Headquartered in Hollywood, Fla., the $173 million Concord Camera develops and makes digital, instant, Advanced Photo System (APS), 35mm and 110mm format cameras and 35mm, APS, and instant format single-use cameras.

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