Agreement Expands Syscan's RFID Reach

Compiled By Deborah Austin Syscan International Inc., Montreal, and AEG ID, of Ulm, Germany, recently announced a long-term agreement giving Syscan sole distributorship of AEG's proprietary radio-frequency products in North, Central and South America. Syscan says it believes the RFID (radio frequency identification) market will grow dramatically over the next decade, with RFID solutions playing an increasing role in tracking animals in the food supply business. In Europe - the epicenter of livestock-related public health concerns -- more than 1 million AEG animal-specific RFID tags already are implanted, readable by handheld or stationary readers and communicated to databases. AEG, a subsidiary of high-tech broker ACG AG, makes dozens of RF products for additional tracking/control applications. Syscan provides software and hardware for companies in mobile computing and wireless applications.

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