AIAG Looks For Executive Support

Thomas Hoy, executive director of the Automotive Industry Action Group, a not-for-profit trade association of more than 1,300 auto and truck manufacturers and their suppliers, said participation in AIAG projects, such as the Automotive Network eXchange (ANX), could lead to more than $2 billion in annual automotive-industry savings. Hoy discussed AIAG initiatives--supply-chain communications, CAD, electronic commerce, and quality initiatives--at the University of Michigan's automotive management briefing seminars in Traverse City, Mich., earlier this month.

AIAG is pilot testing the ANX, a dedicated communications network for the auto industry based on Internet technologies. Says Hoy, "In stark contrast to the public Internet, the ANX has a central administration and management role, and it provides for network-level security, dependable performance, and a new degree of reliability."

"AIAG is a volunteer organization," says Hoy. "Senior-management awareness and active participation in AIAG activities is crucial. With industry cooperation and executive support, we can all begin to realize the numerous supply-chain savings."

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