Rolls Out Semi-Fabricated Line

Compiled By Jonathan Katz Inc., a privately held New York-based aluminum e-marketplace, announced Jul. 10 it has added semi-fabricated aluminum products, which accounts for approximately $55 billion of total aluminum sold in the aluminum market, to its online exchange. It will now offer plate, flat sheet, coil sheet, reroll, foil, and extruded aluminum products along with its current portfolio of primary, secondary, and scrap aluminum. By expanding its Internet marketplace, will be able to:

  • Save and reactivate postings, which include bids and offers.
  • Manage the buying or selling audience by creating "include or exclude" lists while sorting member information by name, location, and enrollment date.
  • Conduct advanced searches, which can be fine-tuned to find material or companies that meet their needs.
  • Upload product composition in which buyers or sellers can upload an attachment that describes detailed specifications for the aluminum material posted.
  • Establish delivery rules so buyers and sellers can define, save, and recall their delivery rules and instructions.
  • Create custom production descriptions, which can be created, saved, and recalled as buyers and sellers initiate the posting process. "'s mission is to become the premier international net market for aluminum trading," says Alan Kestenbaum, CEO of "To achieve this, we are aggressively moving into other areas of the aluminum supply chain. By now serving the semi-fabricated market, we are significantly expanding market access for our current customers and broadening our potential customer base." Buyers and sellers of semi-fabricated products will be able to transact by specifying material, posting transactions to buy or sell, and viewing multiple offers and bids through aluminum .com's industry-exclusive "managed negotiation" process.
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