AME Event Targets Value-Stream Excellence

The next frontier for lean opportunity exists in the end-to-end value stream, says the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). That means moving beyond the production floor and into areas such as marketing, finance and purchasing to eliminate waste and streamline processes. To help manufacturers in their efforts to extend lean into the entire value stream, Wheeling, Ill.-based AME will present "The Lean Extended Enterprise: Achieving Total Value Stream Excellence." The one-day event will be held Feb. 26 in Lexington, Mass. Seminar leaders will present strategies for improving value-stream performance of the extended enterprise and applying the right methodologies. The full-day event will include real-world examples and a panel discussion of practitioners from a variety of industries. Fees for the event are $495 for AME members and $620 for non-members. Additional information about the conference is available at the AME conference Web site:

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