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Asset Tracking Units Keep Eye On Fleet Location, Equipment

Compiled By Jill Jusko Teletrac Inc. has introduced two tracking units it says can help increase the security of commercial vehicle trailers and mobile assets due to their ability to monitor asset locations. The tracking units are installed in a piece of equipment or a truck trailer and can report location information to the owner and operator when the units begin to move or have been stopped for a pre-set length of time. Users also can program the units to report if the assets have moved outside of a defined geographic zone. Garden Grove, Calif.-based Teletrac says that its asset and trailer tracking units operate via FleetDirector, a wireless vehicle location information system. Reports can be viewed on desktop computer screens or sent to portable devices. The asset tracking unit provides equipment or cargo with its own power source, and contains a receiver, antenna, wiring and backup battery. The trailer unit is designed to monitor a truck trailer and is self-contained with its own solar panel recharging system and battery pack. It is installed behind a false wall in a trailer.

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