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Author Says To Manage 'Below the Belt'

Wondering how not to manage your company? Cleveland-based author Eric Broder may be able to help you. In his humor-filled book, The Below-the-Belt Manager (1998, Warner Books), Broder shows how to make your employees sick with fear in as little as 30 seconds. The author addresses leadership issues ranging from how to dress to how to motivate employees. Regarding appearance, Broder says: "Your eyes should be totally lifeless. Rent the movie Jaws and look at Bruce the shark's eyes. Study the scene in which Bruce chomps down on Robert Shaw like a crunchy dill. That's exactly the way you want your eyes to look when you're chomping down on an underling." To get more work out of employees, Broder suggests setting the clocks back at the end of the day by 45 minutes. "You'd be surprised at how effective this is," he says. "By the time employees get wise, they've worked 25 hours overtime -- for free." This tongue-in-cheek offering is sure to bring out the worst in any executive.

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