Avon Raises $50 Million For Women's Health Programs

Avon Products Inc., New York, announced that its Avon Worldwide Fund for Women's Health has raised and distributed $50 million for women's health programs around the world through the sale of specially designed products by its independent sales representatives. The company also announced plans to raise and distribute another $50 million by 2000. "As a company committed to serving women, Avon wants to make a dramatic difference in women's lives by expanding their awareness of and access to health information and services," says Charles R. Perrin, Avon's CEO. "By setting a new goal of raising another $50 million by the year 2000, Avon hopes to ensure that women all over the world have the resources they need to take charge of their health and enjoy productive lives." The Avon Worldwide Fund for Women's Health was established in 1992 and supports women's health programs in 28 countries.

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