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Benchmarking Firm Updates Study Of GE's Six Sigma Efforts

Compiled By Glenn Hasek Best Practices LLC, Chapel Hill, N.C., has released the report, "Building Six Sigma Excellence: A Case Study of General Electric." In the report, the company explains how GE has perfected Six Sigma over the last five years. Best Practices LLC originally studied GE's Six Sigma implementation in 1997, two years after CEO Jack Welch designed his company's program. The updated study reexamines the best practices in Six Sigma implementation and the program's financial results at GE and other leading companies. The report provides detailed descriptions of how problem-solving skills and techniques mastered at GE can boost the impact and efficiency of all business activities. The report also shows GE's role in the evolution of Six Sigma from a strictly manufacturing process to a key step in virtually all customer and service-related transactions. Included in the report are success stories from GE Medical Systems and GE Capital.

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