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Best Environmental Management Practices Highlighted

New York-based John Wiley & Sons Inc. has published a new book on best practices in environmental management. Sustaining Environmental Management Success, by W. Gary Wilson and Dennis R. Sasseville, identifies companies that are leading the way in incorporating environmental considerations into business decisions. The book also discusses how an environmental management system (EMS) works and how to implement one. The book extensively details EMS concepts and the natural link to ISO 14001 and the related ISO 14000 series standards. Best practices from companies such as Chrysler, Gillette, Digital Equipment, and Northern Telecom are included. "No longer can a company afford to look at environmental costs as only the cost of maintaining regulatory compliance," say the authors. "Environmental performance has an impact on all aspects of a company's operations, whether it be investment rating, insurability, ability to compete, or environmental regulatory compliance."

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