Board Encourages Corporate Cooperation With Schools

By Dave Schafer The International School Licensing Corp. (ISLC) has announced the formation of America's Schools National Business and Licensing Board as a consulting body for the company's America's Schools program. The board will investigate and research how corporate moneys can be generated for public schools. The America's Schools program is a cooperative marketing program and partnership between ISLC and individual state school associations that looks at ways for corporations to work with schools to increase sales and benefit kindergarten through 12th grade programs without on-campus advertising. The board is comprised of state school board association executive directors from 14 states, representing more than 50% of the nation's school population, ISLC says. By employing the American's Schools symbols on their products or services, corporations receive instant recognition and encourage consumers to make a purchase associated with a good cause, building an allegiance to potentially 100 million national consumers such as school staff, students, and parents, ISLC says. The symbol will be visible in schools via collateral materials, student newspapers, and Web sites, but no corporate advertising will be displayed on school grounds. To learn more about the program, go to America's Schools.

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