Book Highlights Salvation Army's Success

By Glenn Hasek In a new book entitled, "The Most Effective Organization in the U.S.: Leadership Secrets of The Salvation Army" (2001, Crown Publishing), authors Robert A. Watson and Ben Brown share insights about the Salvation Army's ability to successfully serve more than 30 million clients a year with $2 billion in annual revenues. Dubbed "the most effective organization in the U.S." by management guru Peter Drucker, the Salvation Army operates 9,500 centers. "No one even comes close to [The Salvation Army] with respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication and putting money to maximum use," Drucker says. Watson, the Salvation Army's recently retired national commander, and reporter Brown suggest ways any type of organization can do what the Salvation Army has done: run efficiently with a small number of managers. The two suggest the following:

  • Engage the spirit
  • Put people in your purpose
  • Embody the brand
  • Lead by listening
  • Spread the responsibility
  • Share the profits
  • Organize to improvise
  • Act with audacity
  • Make joy count
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