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BP Amoco Offering Lower Sulfur Gas In Atlanta

BP Amoco PLC has announced that all 550 BP and Amoco service stations in the 25-county Atlanta area are now offering 30 ppm lower sulfur premium gasoline year-round. The Atlanta area is the first region in the U.S. to offer the gasoline as part of BP's Clean Cities program. By reducing the amount of sulfur burned, sulfur dioxide emissions are reduced. Sulfur dioxide is an irritant and exposure to high concentrations can cause breathing difficulties. High sulfur dioxide levels also make asthma symptoms worse. Sulfur dioxide is a major constituent of acid rain, associated with damage to the environment. "We take our responsibility toward the environment very seriously, and want to be part of the air quality solution here in the U.S. and throughout the world," says Rodney Chase, deputy group CEO. "As a start, BP Amoco is delighted to be able to introduce these special new fuels in Atlanta. They will be sold to our customers at no increase in price." Over the last few months, BP Amoco has made cleaner fuel announcements in London, Paris, and Istanbul. Atlanta was selected for the U.S. launch because it has been designated by the EPA as a "serious ozone nonattainment area."

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