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BP Brings Solar Power To The Philippines

Compiled By Travis Hessman BP Amoco PLC has signed a deal with the governments of Spain and the Philippines to bring solar power to 150 isolated villages in the Philippines. Financed by Spain and led by the Philippines Dept. of Agrarian Reform, the $48 million contract will be completed in two phases. In the first phase, scheduled to begin in September, BP will provide solar power to about 70 villages in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. This phase will provide power for 5,500 home lighting systems, 25 irrigation systems, 97 portable water and distribution systems, 68 schools, 68 community centers, 35 health clinics, 100 communal lights, 35 AC power supply systems, and the installation of 428 packaged solar systems. The second phase will echo these projects in 44 additional communities.

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