BP Opens Its First Solar-Powered Station In France

BP France has opened its first solar-powered service station in France. Supplied with solar electricity from 200 photovoltaic panels made by BP Solarex, the solar-power division of BP Amoco, the new station meets many of its electricity needs for lighting and petrol-pump operation with solar electricity. The initiative is part of BP Amoco's program to equip 200 service stations with solar systems by 2001. BP's new station also sells BP Diesel Ecology, BP's ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel that reduces emissions by 90%. The solar-powered stations and low-sulfur diesel fuel are just two of BP Amoco's efforts to minimize pollution. At the beginning of this year, BP Amoco targeted a 10% reduction from a 1990 baseline in emissions from its own operations by 2010 and started a pilot program of emissions trading permits that will be extended to all activities next year.

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