Is Bush Or Gore Better For Your Business?

By John S. McClenahen Health-care coverage, consumer tax cuts, foreign policy, and education dominated Oct. 3's first presidential debate for the 2000 election. The candidates touched on some business issues, such as energy, but business issues were largely left out. So, who would be better for business -- Bush or Gore? The answer depends upon which business you're in. If Vice President Al Gore is elected President of the U.S. on Nov. 7, educational book-publishers, computer makers, health-care companies, and pollution-control equipment manufacturers are among the companies that could provide the best job prospects in 2001, asserts Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., Chicago. If Texas Gov. George W. Bush is victorious, high-tech firms, managed-care companies, chemical firms, automotive companies, energy and oil forms, pharmaceutical companies, timber producers, and aerospace firms are likely to have the better job prospects. Bush's proposed tax cuts "would be extremely beneficial to the small business owner," says Charles A. Gabriel Jr., senior vice president for research at Prudential Securities, Washington, D.C. "Additionally, Bush would be far less likely to sign additional minimum wage bills into law, in large part because of the harm it would do to small business."

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