Business Intelligence Tool Alerts Users Of Supply-Chain Problems

Compiled By Traci Purdum Manhattan Associates Inc., provider of extended supply-chain execution solutions, has updated its SmartInfo suite of customizable business information tools. The SmartInfo 2002R1 analyzes information from supply-chain execution systems to provide visibility into, and management of, current supply-chain activities. By adding monitoring, measuring and alerting to the product's data analysis and decision support functionality, the Atlanta-based company says the solution will optimize supply-chain operations. The comprehensive alerting functionality will proactively identify critical operational conditions based on what the user has defined. Alerts can be set up with multiple severities and users can schedule where to send alerts based on the time of day. Alerts can be sent to any device that can receive text-based e-mail (pagers, PDAs, mobile phones, home or work e-mail). "SmartInfo's ability to alert on both key performance indicator information and real-time events gives companies true supply-chain process management," says Steve Banker, director of Supply Chain Solutions for ARC Advisory Group. "ARC firmly believes that a tighter integration of event and performance management is necessary for operational excellence in supply-chain management."

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