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Chinese Consumers Selective About U.S.-Made Products

Chinese consumers want U.S. manufacturers to send them digital cameras, shampoos, DVDs, refrigerators and athletic shoes, but are less eager to consume U.S.-made tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, according to a study conducted by UPS, Edelman China and Research International China.

The study is based on surveys of 1,140 Chinese consumers in six cities between the ages of 20 and 59. The product categories covered by the study are consumer electronics, home appliances, automobiles, alcoholic beverages/tobacco, health-care products/pharmaceuticals, toiletries, beauty products, books/music/videos, athletic equipment, apparel/fashion accessories and home furnishings.

Survey participants rank their most-desirable U.S.-made products in the following order:
* Toiletries -- 49%
* Books/Music/Video -- 49%
* Consumer electronics -- 47%
* Apparel/fashion accessories -- 47%
* Home appliances -- 41%
* Health-care products/pharmaceuticals -- 41%
* Beauty products -- 27%
* Automobiles -- 24%
* Athletic equipment -- 24%
* Home furnishings -- 24%
* Alcoholic beverages/tobacco -- 23%

The survey also reveals that males are more attracted to consumer electronics and home appliances while females are more interested in toiletries and beauty products. Chinese consumers 40 and younger are more attracted to U.S.-made books/music/videos, while those older than 40 are more interested in toiletries and health-care products/pharmaceuticals. Chinese consumers between the ages of 20 and 29 are drawn more to consumer electronics and apparel/fashion accessories than older survey participants.

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