Coalition Flays Health Care Proposal

The Health Benefits Coalition (HBA), an alliance of 31 business associations representing more than 3 million small and large companies, has launched an aggressive grass-roots campaign against a growing array of federal health care legislative proposals from Congress and the Clinton Administration. Kicking off the campaign at a Jan. 21 press conference, the coalition took particular aim at the Patient Access to Responsible Care Act sponsored by Sen. Alfonse DAmato (R, N.Y.) and Rep. Charles Norwood (R, Ga.). The measure, indicates an HBA study released at the event, will raise health care premiums by 23% and cause up to 9 million Americans to lose their insurance.

"Its a given that new government mandates on private health plans will increase the cost of providing health care and decrease the number of small businesses who provide health insurance for their employees," declared Jack Faris, president of the National Federation of Independent Business, one of the coalitions leaders.

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