Collaboration Solution Tailored To Electrical, Electronics Industry

Compiled By Deborah Austin SmarTeam Corp. Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel - a product life-cycle collaboration solutions provider and company of Dassault Systemes -- has released SMARTEAM for Electronics, a product information collaboration solution for makers of products with electronic components. SMARTEAM for Electronics is intended to facilitate concurrent management, design coordination and collaboration among design teams and supply-chain members, and across global projects. Design-to-production participants communicate around a single, open product definition data source, managing bill of materials (BOM) and related documents. Capabilities include press templates for engineering release, ECR (engineering change revision) and ECO (engineering change order); and support for reference designators and approved manufacturer list. Integrated electrical, mechanical and software environments support design/BOM cooperation between MCAD (mechanical computer-aided design) and ECAD (electrical computer-aided design) structures.

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