Community Site For IT Pros Features Tips, Interviews, Analysis

Information technology professionals from CIOs to IT directors to systems administrators can learn and share information with colleagues about their craft, its technology, and its management at TechRepublic Inc.'s Web site ( For the CIO the site offers information on general business strategy (an interview with Steve Ward, the CIO of IBM), trends and analysis (IT trends that could impact investment decisions), and white papers covering software and platform reviews, outsourcing strategies, and legal issues affecting IT. Hardware and application deployment best practices also are covered as part of the site's content mix, which is provided by experts as well as some 200 contributors from the working IT community. Other site features include:

  • Education and certification suggestions and recommendations to assist in career planning.
  • Tips on dealing with customers; supporting the training and help desk/customer support function.
  • Link to's subscription site, TechProGuild, which drills down into more technical detail for systems administrators, and also offers moderated chats with IT experts.
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