Companies Join Collaborative And Electronics Manufacturing Services

By Jonathan Katz Agile Software Corp., a provider of collaborative manufacturing commerce solutions based in San Jose, has partnered with St. Louis-based Viasystems, a global provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS), to implement Agile Anywhere at key design and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Agile Anywhere is a Web-based suite of collaborative manufacturing solutions that totally automates the distribution and synchronization of product content across the e-supply chain, with all information available through Agile e-hubs. "Agile Anywhere is seen as the de facto standard in the industry," says Klaus Schnurr, CIO of Viasystems. "We are aggressively adding new facilities around the world, and the Agile solution enables all of Viasystems' divisions and plants to function as one seamless manufacturing facility, improving the customer service we can offer to our large OEM customers and partners."

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