Company Offers Outsourcing Of Web-Based Customer Service

If shopping carts are being abandoned on your Web site due to poor on-the-spot customer service, check out LivePerson Inc., a New York-based online customer-service solution provider. LivePerson will take control of this function, providing a turnkey solution for live-chat dialogue with customers who need help in real time while visiting your Web site. Unbeknownst to customers, they will connect to the LivePerson-hosted service when help is desired, which launches a secure one-to-one text chat with the LivePerson operator. The system requires no additional hardware or software installation, and works with all standard browsers. In addition to live chat assistance, the operator can send a particular Web page to the browser window of the caller who needs help and see transcripts of previous conversations, brought up while engaging in a new chat with the same customer, to understand his previous challenges and their resolution.

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